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African Tiles


Get a custom African Jungle Painting

Custom mixed media artwork made of prints and acrylic paint

How does it work?

1) Choose the size of the artwork

2) Choose your favorite tiles among 102

3) Choose a dominant color, if any, and a
  style/design among 2.

Each piece of artwork is unique and hand painted.

Tile-Jungles available for Sale

If you don't want to wait and commission a custom jungle painting, I have a few already finished...

Click on the image to see its detail.

African Tiles:
The Story

For 100 days I painted a different mini African scene in my sketchbook. At the end, I cut my 100 minis, glued them on a big canvas, and added details and connections with acrylic paint.

It resulted in this big patchwork (39x39in/ 100x100cm), that I called "A 100 Tile-Tale". It represents around 300 hours of work.

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