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21-029-2_Emmy purple elephant.tiff

Ekaterina L. – Paris, France


“Wow. You are so amazingly talented! I remember the first time I discovered your art:. it's just full of positive vibes and so beautiful. Fantastic world of happy animals and vibrant colors. I love your unique style and it's so wonderful to follow your artistic journey.”


Madeleine P. – Long Island, New York


“Hey Everyone! You must check out this new artist. She is my all time favorite! Her work is vibrant, original, and most of all FUN! Creativity is an understatement to describe Magali’s art. Lady Liberty with a mask! How cool is that? I even commissioned a piece of art for my house. She came in and measured and looked around and as she did I can actually see ideas coming to her. Her work is exciting. She is truly gifted.”

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