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Hand painted elephant by Magali Modoux

About the Artist

Welcome to the World of Emmy.

I am Magali Modoux, the face and hands behind the artwork and designs you see in these pages.

I am a self-taught artist. I have been doodling, drawing, and painting animals and jungles since I was a child. I grew up in an international environment in Geneva and Paris. I spent years traveling/living abroad while studying and later while working as a professional. This worldly  lifestyle has been influencing my tastes and artwork. I love bold and warm colors, naive and folk art. I mainly (but not only) paint lush jungles, imaginary exotic cities and landscapes, and wild animals.

Original Artwork by Magali Modoux
Artist Magali Modoux

After having moved to the USA with my family, with both of my young children in school, I decided it was about time to develop my passion for painting and design into a full-time occupation.

The Covid-19 crisis, lockdown, and home schooling situation altered my planning, but here I am!

A huge thank you to all my friends and family, and all my fellow artists who have encouraged me since the beginning of this adventure.

To know more about how I work and what inspires me, click here.

Flight of the Butterfly Exhibition featuring an original painting by Magali Modoux

Art Show Participation

Three paintings of the World of Emmy/Magali Modoux were part of the group exhibition "Flight of the Butterfly" at the Van der Plas Gallery in New York City in August 2022.

Check the opening reception on my IG account here.

3 paintings by Magali Modoux at the Van de Plas Gallery in New York City
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