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Pricing - Original Artwork & Prints

Free shipping (USA only) on orders of $25.00 and more

Prints (including Digital ART)

Rectangular Prints

8x10 inches (ca. 20x25 cm) = USD 20

12x16 inches (ca. 30x40 cm) = USD 25

12x18 inches (ca. 30x45 cm) = USD 30

16x20 inches (ca.40x50 cm) = USD 35

Square Prints

10x10 inches (ca. 25x25 cm) = USD 20

12x12 inches (ca. 30x30 cm) = USD 25

14x14 inches (ca. 35x35 cm) = USD 30

Depending on the format of the original painting, some sizes may not be available.


Original Paintings

Original artwork begins at USD 150.

Prices depend on the types of canvas, the size of the painting, and the level of details involved (that translates in hours of work)

Original paintings on paper and or flat canvas (canvas board) from USD 150 to 500.

Original paintings on stretched or rolled canvas from USD 250 to 5000.

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