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I am always up to some art projects, through collaborations or on my own. Here are some of them - present and past.


Chocolate Eggs

Easter is the time of. painted eggs: real eggs, as well as chocolate eggs... I have such great memories of beautiful and delicious chocolate eggs that I decided to paint some.... on canvas.


My first painting is "Easter Wonderland" as a tribute both to "Alice" and to the Latin American origin of cocoa - though today 70 % of the world production comes from Africa (since Europeans imported cocoa trees to Africa and Asia).

Then I painted an "Asian" chocolate egg, then an "African" one, and a few more. The original paintings are for sale. I am using parts as designs for my online catalogues.

Colori Tree

Artists on Instagram often host art challenges for fun. This March, I participated to the #coloritree challenge: 10 palettes of colors inspired by 10 (woman) artists around the TREE theme (of course I had to add an animal each time).

Peacock by Magali Modoux

The Elephant Project

Elephant Shape by Magali Modoux/ The World of Emmy

I am a huge fan of elephants. They are my favorite animals (with the leopard/jaguar) to paint. I challenged myself with painting and creating 30 different pieces of artwork during one month in 2022, all based on the same elephant shape.

This was a fun challenge, as it allowed me to explore different styles and techniques (paper collage, digital collage, paint, markers, inks, 3D paint, crayons, etc.), while building a real collection of
20 original paintings and almost as many digital pieces. All originals are for sale.

Retrospective 2022
in 95 original artwork pieces

African Tiles:
A 100 day-story

For 100 days I painted a different mini African scene in my sketchbook. At the end, I cut my 100 minis, glued them on a big canvas, and added details and connections with acrylic paint.

It resulted in this big patchwork (39x39in/ 100x100cm), that I called "A 100 Tile-Tale". It represents around 300 hours of work.

A 100 Tile Tale by Magali Modoux - 40x40in/ 100x100cm
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